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Research Publications In Arabic
  • 1. The Effectiveness of Using The Mobile on Developing Higher Studies’ Technical Conceptions At King Saud University. Aswan Faculty of Education Journal, December 2012.
  • Towards a National Digital Library for Theses that are Authorized by Saudi Colleges and Universities. The Digital Library FORUM: Aspiration & Future, The Second Saudi Symposium for libraries and information in co- operation with King Abd El Aziz Public Library, During 10-11/2/1423 H. 24-4-2002 http://www.spl.org.sa
  • The Importance of Planning in Academic Libraries, Egyptian Libraries Journal Association in 1424 H 14-5-2003. http://www.elaegypt.com/
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  • Towards Establishing a Digital Library for Arabic Authorized Quarterlies journals, Arabic Studies in Libraries & Science of Information Journal, Cairo 1426 H.2005
  • Scholarly communication & Digital Libraries: Scientific Review for Issues of Affecting and Being Affected and future trends, Arabic Studies in Libraries & Science of Information Journal May 2007.
  • The Role of Information technology in Developing distance learning In Higher Education Institutions in both private and public sectors: Applied study in Riyadh and Jeddah, Recent trends in Libraries & Information Journal 2008.
  • Profession of Library & Information in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Classification, Description, and Titles, Al Arabia 3000 Journal , October, 2009.
  • The Leadership Characteristics Among Public Librarians in Riyadh, Arabic Libraries & Information Journal 1431 H.2010
  • Using Information Resources in Private Sector Branches, and Studying Their Reality in Riyadh, King Abd el Aziz University Journal, 1431 H.3-2010
  • The Extent of Customers’ satisfaction on The Use of The Internet In Electronic Trade: Applied Study on Book electronic Purchasing Information Studies Journal 2010.
  • Electronic Archiving and Conversion from Paper to Electronics, King Fahed National Library Journal 1434 H.2012
  • Informational Content industry in Saudi Arabia, Information Studies Journal 1434 H.2012
  • The Economics of The Digital Information Systems, Recent trends in Information Journal . 2011.
  • The Level of Using E-Gov. Dealings in Private Sector Institutes, Libraries & Arabic Information Journal February 2011.
  • International standards for portal for Saudi Universities Information Studies Journal, No,9, January 2011.
  • Using Traditional and Electronic Educational Resources by King Saud University Staff Members (Faculty of Arts in Both King Saud University and Princess Noora University), King Saud University Research Centre, 1430 H. 2009
  • Information Resources in Decision Making In Private Institutions, Funded by King Saud University in 1431 H. 2010
  • Establishing A Program Based on Electronic learning System In King Saud University, funded by King Saud University in 1432 H.2011
  • The Reality of the Social Networks and Their Role in Supporting and Enhancing the Social Values of the Saudi University Students, Shared and funded by Princess Noora University in 1434 H.2013
  • The Role of The Working Consultants in Saudi Universities in Developing The Administrative work, Shared and funded by Princess Noora University in 1434 H.2013
Published Researches in English Language
  • Preparing librarians and information professionals in the digital environment Will publish in LIBRI journal 2013 shared with scientists (prof Ian Johnson and prof Abdulsattar Chaudhry
  • King Abdul-Aziz, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, School Library Media, Vol. 14, No. 7, 1998.
  • Preparing librarians and information specialists to solve problems that face universal users in libraries. IFLA. King Saud University from17th to 17th Augusts 2001. http://www.ifla.org.sg/
  • Reducing Internet and computer anxiety among the freshmen students through a workshop at King Abdul-Aziz University journal 2002.
  • Criticizing Price Allen’s article: “The effect of the academic background on defining the needs of information” published in a scientific journal in Pittsburgh 1997
  • Reporting a program , a book and a directory for school principals entitled: Survey study of school principals. The book consists of five parts, five research titles and prepared by three authors. The project was funded by the School Media Network Centre in Pennsylvania. 1998