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Books and Publications
  • Translated a book about The Digital Libraries by William Arms, in King Fahd National library in Riyadh in 2006
  • Translated a book about Licensing Digital Content by Leslie, Ellen, in (KFNL) Riyadh in 1427 H 2006. www.ala.com
  • Translated a book about Meta Data adopted by the Ministry of Education , Centers of Learning Resources in 1427 H;11-2006
  • Translated a book about cataloging the web:Metadata,AACR, and MARC 21 by wayne,jones KFNL in Riyadh in 1430 H. 19-11-2009
  • Translated a book about The knowledge Economy, Language and Culture by Glyn Williams in King Fahd National Library in Riyadh in 1434 H;20-4-2013
  • Translated a book about Database Archiving:How to keep lots of data for a very long time by jack E. Olson in King Fahd National library in Riyadh in 1433 H. 1-12-2012
  • Electronic Archieving in King Fahd National library in Riyadh in 1433 H. 20-12-2012
  • The Computer and Information in Dar ElSafaa Bookshop in Jordan in 1434 H. 2013
  • Publishing Industry in the Arabic World in Dar Ketaby, Riyadh in 1433 H.;-2013
  • Converting to an Information Community and Keeping The Cultural Identity in The Saudi Community in Dar AlZahra, Cairo in 1434 H.;-2013
  • Learning Early Difficulties and Remedial Suggestions in Dar ElSafaa in Jordan in 1433 H.2012
  • Psychology of Children of Special Needs in Dar ElSafaa in Jordan in 1433 H. 11-2012
  • Recent Trends in Methods and Strategies of Teaching: A Step Forward to Develop Teacher Treaining in Dar ElSafaa in Jordan in 1433 H.;11-2012
  • Member . Counseling Committee of King Fahd National Library headed by the Administrative Committee from 14/6/1430 H
  • Consultant. Ministry of Culture and Information for Cultural Affairs http://www.info.gov.s/
  • Consultant . Prince Salman Oasis for Science, Riyadh City, from 1/6/1424 up till 1/9/1426 H. www.psso.org.sa
  • Member. Scientific Supervision Committee of the Saudi Arabia Encyclopedia which is connected to King Abdel Aziz Public Library. from 21/1/1423 until now.www.saudiency.org and http://www.kapl.org.sa/
  • Consultant. of the Supreme Royal Prince Mohamed Ben Naser, the Governor prince of Jazan. [Designing a plan for setting up, developing and administering information system for the Province. from 16/10/1423 H. until 1424 H.
  • Member. Editing Committee of Library Arabic Studies and Information Science Journal in Cairo, from 1427 H. until now.
  • Member. Permanent Counseling Committee of Prince Salman Library at King Saud University, from 1428 H. until 1429.
  • Web Developer. for the at King Saud University, from 1425 H. until 1428. www.ksu.edu.sa
  • Member . Web Site Design Committee for Saudi Food & Drug Authority 1425 H. www.sfda.gov.sa
  • Member. Scientific Counseling Committee (Teachers College) Riyadh, from 1423 H. until 1430 H.
  • Member. Faculty of Arts Committee for preparing five years plan, from 1425 H. until 1430 H.